• Thank you, Goodnight: A Farewell to Inelements
    Posted in: Documentary

    After 9 years together as a band the guys in a local Colorado Springs band, Inelements decide its time to move on to other things. Watch as the band prepares for their final show. See the group at the final band practice, final radio appearance, and the last show.  

  • NSD’s 4th annual Mardi Gras
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    Get a look at what went on before the doors opened at NSD’s 4th annual Mardi Gras from March of 2014. Performed at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO. NSD on Facebook:… Mayhem Factory on Facebook: Directed & edited by Christopher Chaos: Event director Marcel Brown (RedSkunk): FULL CREDITS AT […]

  • Finding Nemeth: The Brian “Scoop” Nemeth Story
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    Brian is a Colorado Springs native that at a young age was diagnosed with severe autism and mild schizophrenia. Through the course of his life, Brian has overcome many obstacles ranging from personal disabilities, parental abandonment and social discrimination. Brian, a modern day dreamer and hard-line politically independent activist, has aspirations of becoming a highly […]